Rek Bellum

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Rekka Bellum

Is a cartoonist and sailor.

Rekka (or Rek) is an artist currently based in the waters of the Pacific Northwest, where the weather is mild and kinder to sailboats, but their heart is in Québec. They enjoy drawing by hand with ink, and are fond of long ocean passages, food preservation, cycling and birds (do ask them about cormorants).

Rek is an environmentalist, and with the project HundredRabbits, focuses on documenting, and archiving, means of reusing and repairing older devices and programs.

They make art for magazines, children's books, as well as visuals for software and games. Their first self-published game Oquonie (designed with Devine) was nominated for a visual arts award at the 2015 Independent Games Festival in San Francisco. They recently published Busy Doing Nothing, a book documenting their 50-day sail from Shimoda to Victoria.

Rek lived in Japan for two years, and after returning to Canada decided to try and return there by sailboat. And so, from 2016 to 2020, Rek has circumnavigated the Pacific Ocean by sail, passing through Mexico, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Niue, Tonga, New Zealand, Fiji, The Marshall Islands and Japan.

They've been making websites since they were a teenager, they would farm free geocities space by hot-linking between mutiple accounts. They've since abandoned that practice. These days, they enjoy making and maintaining simple websites. They manage GrimGrains,, Wiktopher and Circa Comic.

View the full list of projects they've released, and see the tools and software that they use.

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Email them at rekkabell @ gmail dot com for art, cormorant or website related inquiries. You can also find them on Mastodon. Keep up with updates to this site with RSS.