Rek Bell

Because I don't always have a lot of power available on the boat I have a two workstations, one for regular usage named vincent, and the other for low-power situations named obi.

I draw by hand a lot, and digitize the drawings by either photographing them, or scanning them. In 2022 I bought a used CanoScanLIde20(see using a scanner under linux) to scan comic pages for hakum.

I clean all my art in Gimp. Most of my art nowadays are line drawings, which take up less space, and are easier to process with simple tools. I like to dither (using didder, and a local copy of dither-it) my art to save space, but also because I like the look.

I mainly draw on paper, but I also sometimes use an old Ipad 2 to draw using Autodesk Sketchbook (no stylus). It isn't the best software ever, not sure I'd recommend it, but I use it since I have it. The Ipad 2's battery lasts a long, long time, and it charges quickly.

Other tools: