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2024-06-05 Alaska

Just a short update to say that Devine & I have been sailing since May 1st, leaving from Victoria, B.C. We arrived in Ketchikan, Southeast Alaska(US) on June 2nd. We spent all of May moving, taking every weather window we could to make as much progress north as possible. It is tiring, but now that we've arrived a bit higher north we can it a bit slower.

May and June are good months to spend in SE Alaska. It's been very rainy and windy since we've arrived, I'm not sure what nice looks like in these parts... I look forward to it, though. We find cell reception here and there, permitting for updates like this. We'll explore the area, and start making our way back down late July.

I won't be updating this site much in the meantime, maybe just small improvements or notes here and there. Like today, as we are waiting for bad weather to pass in Ketchikan, I worked on the finic language. I've got plans for another wiktopher book, so I'm just jotting down ideas. Because I am away, my store is closed, I will put the vancouver island mushrooms series back for sale when I return in October. See you then!

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