Rek Bell

Journal of Rek

2024-07-10 Waves

Pino and crew have sailed back to Canada 2 days ago, landing back in Prince Rupert. We'll slowly make our way back south now.

We've traveled many miles, we completed a loop through Southeast Alaska, passing close to the mainland through Wrangell, Petersburg, and then through Frederick Sound to Sitka, then down down down on the outside waters of Baranof and Dall Island, through Dixon Entrance and into port at Prince Rupert. Sailing in outer waters was lovely, especially on the first day, the sea was smooth, as was the wind, I saw a ton of wildlife. I saw black-footed albatrosses, the last time I saw them was on our Japan to Canada sail in 2020, they are large brown birds with dramatic markings around their eyes, locking their expression into one of constant mourning. As Pino sailed by the Hazy Islands, I saw my first puffin! The Hazy Islands are far offshore, away from traffic and human encroachment, boats can't land there, neither can planes, it's a perfect place for birds, they have a world of their own out there.

The second offshore leg was not as lovely, with big waves at our stern, strong winds, too. "Don't take me again," I said to the sea, "please don't." I kept one hand on the tiller, the other gripped the frame of our roll cage, ready in case the waves decided to misbehave. Further into Dixon Entrance the waves diminished along with any threat of being taken, I was relieved.

I write in my logbook everyday, I don't have creative energy for anything else right now. I draw once in a while, not as often as I'd like. Hopefully, once we get nearer to Vancouver Island, we can find a place to stay put for a few weeks. Yes, weeks, a place with good hiking nearby, a quiet place for deep thinking.

This trip has challenged my strength. I am a human windlass, a haphazard diesel engine mechanic, a nervous wreck at times... but like our strong little ship, I too can weather storms.

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