Rek Bell

August 2023.

Forgive the lack of updates for July and most of August. I've been in a crazy drawing mood and been mostly doing that. I've also sailed a lot this summer, took many walks and enjoyed time outside.

I've been working hard on the story for hakum. It's changed... a lot, haha. A lot of what I drew the doesn't work anymore, but that's what worldbuilding is, things change. I'm working on a new sequence now, and it's looking amazing... i can't wait to show it!

Devine & I finished the first pass of corrections for Wiktopher, I am now revisiting specific parts, moving chunks of text around and overall making sure that there aren't any mistakes (story, grammatical, or typing errors).

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Currently reading: Adam Wisniewski-Snerg's Robot and George Orwell's Homage to Catalonia. See other books I've read.