Rek Bell

Journal of Rek

2024-04-25 Kaizah

I finished the hakum sequence kaizah. I'm pleased with the result! I also went over a lot of the comics in the hakum archive, as I've said before they are no longer canon, but I did update some of the text anyway to bring them more in line. The handwritten text wasn't easy to read, so I updated all of them with the font I made(see making a font). I also published an older short sequence I had finished named aftermath that follows night terror, a short comic to show that Dae and Seir have a really difficult relationship.

I released a new Wunderland Rabbits image. Spring is here on the West Coast of Canada, camas plants are in full bloom. We are getting ready to depart for northern waters, filling the boat with food, gathering e-books, etc.

Because I am learning modern standard arabic on the side, I've started keeping notes! I will append to this page as I go.

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Currently reading: The Last Great Sea by Terry Glavin. See other books I've read.