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2024-02-17 Network of Trust

February 14th marks my 8th year living aboard pino! The boat is doing well, although Dev & I both suffered a cold these past few days. We are two disgusting snot fountains.

Because it is becoming harder and harder to find good information on the internet by way of search engines, I overhauled my list of bookmarks, documenting my favorite websites and resources to try and combat AI garbage generators and websites that spin content. Building lists of trusted links written by experienced and well-meaning humans, and hosting them on your website, is a good way to create a network of trust.

I completed Ruler of the Taiga. It is annoying how even if I just completed night terror, I already dislike a lot of the art. My hand and my eye keeps improving, it's a good thing but it makes it difficult to appreciate work now that I was proud of at the time of completion. The spell wears off so quickly. I am glad I am improving, but I hate being this inconsistent. I've always assumed that once I learned to draw that I could only get better at it, that regressing was not possible, but if there are too many long lulls between drawing sessions(months, years...) I realized that it is possible to lose it. The skill isn't lost entirely, but the work can appear stiff. Drawing will always make me happy, but I hope that my work eventually stabilizes. Note that this 'regression' is only true when drawing characters with realistic proportions (projects like hakum, and circa), errors are more apparent in designs like this than with a project with a cartoon style like mindbird.

I did a few sprite commissions, see Alex P., Benji and family(1), and Benji(2).

I made some modifications to rope mats, so that intructions are clearer. I made a tiny mat out of red paracord for a friend this month for v-day, I missed making mats, I plan to make more this month.

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Currently reading: The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. See other books I've read.