Rek Bell

Between the years of 2008 and 2023 I published a lot of children's books for Canadian publishers like ERPI, Boréal, Secondstory Press, Courte-Echelle, Transcontinental, Druide, Bayard Canada, Kayak etc.

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I illustrated 2 books for this series: Une mission sans peur(2015) and Un Noël surprenant(2016). It was written by Katia Canciani and published by Bayard Canada.

mirmaelle the tooth fairy sitting on a xmas decoration hanging in a tree mirmaelle the tooth fairy flying over a city at night mirmaelle the fairy croucing several mirmaelle the fairy books layered over a table

La Cabane dans L'arbre

Written by Danielle Charland, and published by Bayard Canada in 2016

a boy standing in front of his teacher in a classroom a boy sitting in a bramble house, looking sad, with drawings hanging around him a boy standing outside over a field of drawings of birds a boy in his bramble house crouched over the ground and drawing, he has a large hole in his stomach, around him are many more drawings all featuring people with holes in their stomachs a hand holding a copy of la cabane dans larbre open

TC Media

I collaborate with this publishing company often to make small illustrations for school manuals, or to make covers.

a boy reaching for a book in a heart-shaped shelf a vampire child and a witch having a drink, a vampire girl holding a ratty looking dog, a suricate roasting a lizard over a fire a young girl dressed for winter walking in the snow red riding hood wearing wolf skin and looking content, the wolf dressed like an old woman and curling their fur while looking into a mirror two robots vacationing on a cruiseship and looking bored a young girl sitting on steps and looking bored a family cycling around the globe

Rouge Tomate

I illustrated 5 books for this series: Le graffiti sanglant(2015), La sorcière de notre rue(2014), Un vrai cauchemar(2015), Opération noel(2015), and Les araignées monstres(2017). Written by Édith Bourget and published by Éditions du Boréal.

a boy holding a scared girl with scary shadows in the background a girl holding their younger sibling who is crying while a spider escapes a broken jar two young boys watching something a boy looking sad with a spider on his head, in the background his friends are standing holding other scary things like a lightning bolt, a caterpillar and a storm cloud a boy on his knees looking afraid with a giant spider looming overhead kids looking up and smiling as it is snowing kids standing in front of a door, looking scared, because the person who answer it is very large and imposing a hand holding a rouge tomate book open a view of a cover of a rouge tomate book

Destination Monstroville

I illustrated 5 books for this series: Moche Café(2013), Le Salon de Décoiffure(2014), La Bibliopet(2015), Le Laidorama(2015), and Le Ooz(2017). Written by Sophie Rondeau and Nadine Descheneaux, published by Éditions Druide.

a boy holding a phone with a mouth a boy holding a cat in a box creatures that work for the fire department and working together to put out a fire a boy in a trash can with a black cat a girl with a candle walking in a dark library a hallway full of monsters lining up a cover for monstroville featuring the main characters two monsters screaming at each other from their respective frames a spider creature talking phone calls at a front desk, all of the phones have ears and mouths

Des rêves fous, fous, fous

Bernadette Renaud, ERPI, 2011.

a boy and his monkey plush are falling out of the sky a boy is holding his monkey plush lovingly


First image is from Le Catalogue de Robots by Jean-Pierre Guillet, published by Bayard Canada in 2013. The second and third is Skateboard Sibby written by Clare O'Connor and published by Secondstory Press in 2018. The fourth is La Queue de L’espionne written by Danielle Simard and published by Bayard Canada in 2011. The fifth is a spot illustration for Kayak issue 50.

a boy is reading instructions to activate his robot a young girl with vibrant red hair in skateboard wear the cover of a book for skateboard sibby two scientist parents are telling their daughter that she cannot come inside their lab a young girl is stacking cans of tomato in a store a photo of a magazine featuring a store owner and his daughter stacking cans of tomatoes