Rek Bell


A feral looking child A child with one arm covered in spikes and the other is a pincer Sy sitting in a circle drawn on the ground and grinning at the viewer

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the cover of a book featuring a sailboat riding over rabbit waves the cover of a book featuring a bunch of overlapping line squares the cover of a book featuring a large creature with a city on its back walking one way, and a small sailing vessel in the sand going the opposite direction

More books:


Ratchet staring outside her window A portrait of the racer Luna Leap, a rabbit-like character Cee, a skeleton, stares at a pile of black blocks all labelled with the word: mistake



DO NOT resell or mint my work.

an octopus with an aviator hat blowing green blubbles, made by RekThe license applies to all the documented projects, the projects themselves and their assets. The website source code is under the MIT License. The assets and text content is under the BY-NC-SA4.0 License.