Rekka Bellum

Rekka Bellum

Here, you will finds things that I've made. It is my space in the void, a room I've decorated that it is here for you visit.

My past work experience include working in studio for Pascal Blais animation, Télé-Québec and TonePlus animation studios. I have done contract work for Edoki Academy, Volta Creations and Scorpion Masqué. I've also published children's books with Éditions Druide, Bayard Canada, Erpi and Éditions du Boréal.

Other work experience includes games, like Busy water, Oquonie, Mon ami Bulle and Vendredi 13.

Email me at rekkabell @ kokorobot dot ca or DM me @rekkabell on twitter for art-related inquiries (I speak fluent french). You can also find me on Mastodon.

You can also:

Download my resume, view my publications and see a list of the tools and softwares that I use.