Rek Bell

an interpretation of the merveilles logo by me, featuring 3 rabbits holding onto each other


Merveilles (currently operating within the Fediverse) is a collective of forward-thinking individuals who strive to better each other and their surroundings through constant creation and play. This community project is aimed at the establishment of new ways of speaking, seeing and organizing. A warm welcome to any like-minded people who feel these ideals resonate with them.

We're trying to build a community that welcomes multidisciplinarity, with somewhat high standards of discourse, focusing on the topics of experimental art, music & code. We ask of our members to consider the impact of their works on the environment, and to optimize toward living more sustainably.

See a high-resolution, transparent version of the illustrated version of the Merveilles community logo, here. It was done as part of a community event, see other entries.



A burgee is a kind of distinguising maritime flag, flown by members of sailing communities. The burgee was designed by our friend Lizbeth, the physical burgee in the above photo was sown together by myself, and devine.

See how to make your own Merveilles burgee.

The Merveilles burgee, showing the moon rising over its reflection on a cyan sea at night, is flown by members of its community to find each other out there.