Rek Bell


Yegon is a passionate, but unstable character. There are times when he is abnormally energetic, happy and impulsive, during such times he is able to do great things, but often disregards how this can affect others. Then eventually he lapses into having a negative outlook on everything. When in a stable mood, he is able to make jokes and is a joy to be with, but otherwise he can be a handful and very few can tolerate it.

Yegon(Yay-gone) used to have another name, but he abandoned it after his accident. While monkeywrenching he was shot in the head, and his team members thought him dead, but he survived and was incarcerated in Liskar. His experience there robbed him of his confidence, and the abuse/stress transformed his life in a very, very big way. Before this, Hakazi helped to create the environmental activists called the solomons devils with kaddali.

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