Rekka Bellum


Yegon is part of the Ars Goetia, he is one of Seir's main grunts. He suffers from an impulse control disorder, destroying property and setting fires, an affliction that Seir is more than happy to utilize, at the cost of Yegon's mental health.

Yegon is a trickster, he likes to play games and hates being serious. He is kind, but not all care for his tricks. Yegon is a master at masking his emotions, to the point where many think he's incapable of feeling anything. That couldn't be farther from the truth. When alone, Yegon's demeanor changes, and this is usually the time when his urge to destroy kicks in. He was severely abused as a child.

When very young, he was taken from Tuskarora(he thinks) and forced into the Liskar boarding school, the country's way of assimilating hegatas, half-demons, into human society. This practice was done, hypocritically, under the guise of education, but the real role of these schools was to instill despair in hegata settlements. Humans feared hegatas (half humans), and the eidola (full demon) people. The school cut the tip of Yegon's ears off to make him more 'human-like', a barbaric practice common in those days. His otoplasty was evidently botched. Yegon went hungry most nights, he was severely beaten for the slightest infraction, and after many years, he eventually forgot how to speak Eidoluk, his native tongue.

He had a history of starting fires then too, but the school kept it under control. On his last year there, he lit a fire that quickly spiralled out of control. Knowing he would be punished and fearing for his life, Yegon ran away under the cover of flames and smoke. In the forest, Yegon met Kaddali. Kaddali had set up a camp in the woods to help smuggle children out of Liskar. Together, they founded the Solomon's Devils, a group that fights against human encroachment on Hegata culture and land. As the group's tactics became more and more extreme, taking human lives, Yegon left to join the Ars Goetia, leaving Kaddali behind.