Rekka Bellum


Yegon (Yay-gone) is part of the Ars Goetia, he is one of Seir's main grunts. He suffers from an impulse control disorder, destroying property and setting fires, an affliction that Seir is more than happy to utilize, at the cost of Yegon's mental health.

Yegon likes to play games, Yegon is a master at masking his emotions, to the point where many think he's incapable of feeling anything. That couldn't be farther from the truth. When alone, Yegon's demeanor changes, and this is usually the time when his urge to destroy kicks in.


Yegon used to have another name, Azi (ah-zee, short for ha'kazi, to mean 'rising tree'), but he abandoned it after his time at the Liskar detention center. Before this, Azi was part of the Ars Goetia with Kaddali. Together with others, they lived in the taiga and would go to the neighboring town of Montore to intimidate racist human-led businesses and sabotage logging machinery intruding on their home lands. Kaddali and he were lovers, they met during protests in Montore and created the Ars Goetia together.

He and Dae'dante were out on a mission to sabotage machinery at a logging camp, they'd been monitoring it for weeks and knew the patterns of the work staff, and that it wasn't heavily guarded. That night they began their task, but the K-Firsts had been tailing them and they were attacked. While fighting, they were too distracted to see the MPD officer onsite. The officer saw Azi attacking a human and shot him in the head.

Azi did not die, but lost the eye, as well as hearing in the adjacent ear due to stray bullet and bone fragments. His short term memory and intellectual capacity was also impaired. A hegata body heals faster than a human body, and after a short time he could function on his own, but was then sentenced to 20 years in the Liskar detention center for his past violent actions with the Ars Goetia. Azi, like Kaddali, had a record of arrests. Liskar was the country's way of assimilating hegatas, half-demons, into human society. This practice was done, hypocritically, under the guise of rehabilitation, but the real role of these programs was to instill despair in hegata dissenters. The head of the rehabilitation program was religious, and in her mind hegatas were spawns of hell and that it was her duty to save them. And so, she cut off the tip of Azi's ears to make him more acceptable in god's eyes, a barbaric practice common in those days. His otoplasty was evidently botched. Azi went hungry most nights, and was severely beaten for the slightest infraction. He was fitful at first, difficult to control, but he began to calm down after meeting Ikkard.

3 years later, a fire decimated his wing of the detention center, he escaped with another inmate (also under 'treatment') named Ikkard. He changed his name to Yegon then, a name to mean 'fire bird' in Eidoluk. Together, they lived on the outskirts of Montore, stealing valuables from cars and re-selling items at pawn shops for cash. Yegon had not forgotten Kaddali, but the location of their old secret hideout in the woods had changed and he was not able to find them. They changed the location often, to ensure that they could not be discovered. Secrecy would ensure all of their survival, but in this particular moment it made it difficult for Yegon to reunite with Kaddali again. Eventually, he learned that the Ars had branched off, which made it even more difficult to find them. Having no more leads, Yegon gave up.

Two years later, Ikkard had a run in with Yinifer, a member of the Solo D's. Ikkard knew Yegon was looking for them, so he suggested that they join up. Yinifer told them where to meet them. Kaddali was now leading the Solo D's. Yegon was glad to see Kaddali, but soon realized that time and struggle had changed him too much in Kaddali's eyes. Yegon wasn't as quick-witted as Azi, it took him time to recall information, and sometimes he forgot things entirely. Despite forgetting, he seemed happier, more carefree somehow. Yegon was glad to be out of Liskar, and was determined to live, to not to focus on his anger anymore. Yegon could see that he and Kaddali were very different now, their views no longer aligned as they did. Kaddali became distant, and angry, and after an especially painful fight Yegon left the Solo's D.


azi before gunshot