Rekka Bellum


Kaddali is the leader of the Solo Devs, one whose brain never seems to go off— not even in sleep. Kaddali, also known as "Kidd", hates being indoors, preferring a contact with the sky and the earth, always. In fact, Kidd is very attuned with nature, constantly observing patterns in the living world. They refuse to go anywhere indoors.

Kidd was spared from the Liskar boarding school, but had many friends from Baarit disappear. Upon finding out about the existence of these schools, and what happened there, they started to help Hegata children escape. Kaddali met Yegon in the woods after a fire at Liskar. They quickly became friends, and eventually, lovers. Together they created the Solomon's Devils, to fight humans. Their aim was to disrupt development, or logging projects in the Taiga, to make clear to humans that Hegatas are a force to be reckoned with, and to stay away. The Solomon's Devils want to keep humans out the North (where the Taiga is, and the ancients sleep).

Kidd believes in voluntary simplicity and sees possessions, gender, extravagances and religion as obstacles to mental clarity. All of their energy goes into fighting human encroachment on nature. Their tactics were growing very violent, causing tension in the group and resulting in Yegon leaving. Yegon's departure embittered Kaddali, who still had feelings for him.