Rekka Bellum


Kaddali is the leader of the Solomon's Devils(Solo Devs) and the original founder of the Ars Goetia. They use the name Kidd to help mask their identity. Their brain never seems to go off—not even in sleep. They suffer from extreme mood swings, and have difficulty controlling their emotions.

They come from a small community that tattoos the noses of members black when every teenager turn 14. Kaddali was estranged from that community because many did not care for their unstable behavior, and extreme activism. In them, lies a deep fear of abandonment.

Kidd has always had difficulty regulation their emotions, but meeting Azi changed everything. It was the first stable relationship they'd had. Although, Kidd began losing control again after Azi was killed.


Azi and Kaddali. Kaddali and Azi met at a protest against the construction of a pipeline in Tuskatora. They quickly became inseparable, and eventually a couple. Kaddali loved Azi more than they'd ever loved anyone. They saw eye to eye on nearly everything. Together, they created the Ars Goetia, and began to recruit members. The group's aim was to keep humans out the Taiga.

Azi was shot in the head by an MPD officer, while he and Dae'dante were sabotaging a logging camp.

After the attack the Ars Goetia's tactics grew very violent. Seir was part of the group then, even if they rarely agreed on anything. But when Azi died, Kaddali's patience for Seir grew too thin, and after a heated argument the group was split in two. Seir led the Ars Goetia, and Kaddali created the Solomon's Devils, taking Dante, Anuk, and Yenifer with them. Kaddali's biggest loss was Adelie who decided to stay with Seir.

The revenant. Some years later, Kaddali learned that Azi had not died. Azi came out of nowhere to join the Solo D's along with Ikkard, another recruit. Azi had changed his name to Yegon, and appeared entirely different in both appearance and personality. Kaddali could see very little of Azi in him. They were also devastated too to learn that he no longer shared their drive for change. Already then, they knew that things would never be the same between them. Eventually the tension between them resulted in Yegon leaving the Solo D's.

Kaddali became unhinged, determined to throw more violence at the humans who had done this to them both. His hatred for Seir was still fresh then, even more so when they learned that Yegon had joined up with his former group, the Ars...


kaddali before azi died