Rek Bell

In 2010 I participated in a comic battle on DeviantArt called PBCB2, involving the use of fictional original characters fighting each other using Pokemon(set in the Pokemon universe).
I used my DA account Mintenko(see avatar on the left) for this battle. I deactivated the account when the platform decided that it was okay to start using AI. The idea is to match people together, have them draw comics with the characters fighting each other, then a panel of judges decides who did the battle best, and the winner goes on to the next round until there is a single winner left.

a pixel version of shock in thte style of pokemonI used to roleplay a lot with my friend Bully Birdy(again, set in the Pokemon universe), and had a bunch of original characters, which I included in my PCBC fight.
The main character is nicknamed Shock, short for Shane Evans.

CW: violence, swearing. Also it may be a good idea to mention that Shock is a bit of a dick, he's got the brain of a child. I did this in 2010, the things he says aren't always... great.

Shock's intro comic

A warning, these pages are very vertical... hehe, be prepared to zoom!

Round One

Round Two

Round Three

I did not win PCBC2, Shock made it to round 3 before I was eliminated by Zaifon. Zaifon's comic was so freakin' amazing, you can see their side of the battle here.

Extra Art


As I mentioned earlier on this page, I used to roleplay with characters set in the Pokemon universe with my friend BullyBird(Ferris and Casey are theirs).


Shock (Shane Evans): Crobat [Ladybird], bronzong [Dr.Ohm], jolteon [Volta], raichu [Lieutenant RayRay], elekid [Kid Flash] , seedot [Captain Planet], and gastrodon [Mister Slim]

Fenix (Fenton Drayer): minun/plusle, xatu [Plato], aerodactyl [Daggot], kecleon/swellow hybrid [Swecleon], sharpedo/flygon hybrid [Shargon], houndoom [Doom], aggron [Grunt], and skarmony [Neon].

Musi (Monty Quintero): Gyarados [Cousteau], mantine [Gulliver], carvanha [Davy Jay], aealeo [moby], wartortle [Popeye], metang [Willy], piplup [Ariel], mamoswine [Anchovy], luxray [Andromeda], and Nidoqueen [Coral].

Caden Canepa: lucario [Pup], bayleef [Reeta], pidgeot [Merlin], milotic [Ollie], and sandshrew [Digbert].

Mika Canepa: absol [Snow], typhlosion [Boum], mudkip [Rupert], and lucario [Kari].