Rek Bell

Dae is a hegata the youngest but strongest member of the solomons devils. He is known by all as the Terror of the Taiga(ToT), he was given this name because of his life-long history of single-handedly disrupting logging and pipeline projects in the Taiga. His tactics are so effective that there is a large bounty on his head. He heals quickly, and knows more about the Taiga than anyone. He expresses emotion in black or white(happy/angry), and appears to be emotionally ignorant(only from the outside). It is hard to tell what he's thinking because of how closed-off he is, he never talks about himself, nor about his past.

Dae joined the Solomon's Devils early on to teach them the ropes, fearing for their lives. He is there to teach them to take initiative, to employ artifice, and to always remain at offense. Dae insists that he only joined their group to help them, and not the other way around. Even if part of the Solo D's, he sometimes disappears for weeks and no one knows where he's gone or what he's doing.

Dae runs messages between the Solo D's and the Ars Goetia, the only reason he does this is because of Seir's(head of the Ars Goetia) history with the group.

Fighting style. Dae specializes in hand-to-hand combat, oriented primarily towards self-defense and restraint, concentrating on rapid disabling of an opponent with potentially lethal force. His aim is to end a confrontation as quickly as possible using "ungentlemanly" means by rapidly attacking vital spot area (such as the groin, throat, side of the neck, shin, eyes, ears, etc.) by using only several pragmatic and powerful strikes.