Rek Bell

A photo of a hand holding a cut-out of a hand-drawn version of the uxn logo, a little ox-like creature


The Uxn ecosystem is a personal computing playground, created to host small tools and games, programmable in its own unique assembly language.

It was designed with an implementation-first mindset with a focus on creating portable graphical applications, the distribution of Uxn projects is akin to sharing game roms for any classic console emulator.

It was designed by devine for the hundredrabbits projects. The project now has many collaborators and has grown a lot since it's creation.

I make all illustrations related to the project, such as the ones featured in the documentation. The illustrations are drawn on paper, photographed and processed with Gimp. The little ox-like creature represents Uxn.

a drawing of Varvara and Uxn, hanging out outside

The humanoid character is named Varvara. The Varvara computer system was designed with a focus on portability, built on top of the Uxn virtual machine

a character named Varvara riding a sinclair bicycle varvara and uxn playing with some tetrominos

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