Rekka Bellum

Token Malvado

Token is a professional boxer, known country-wide for his exceptional skills. He is generous and well-liked. He has many good relationships with a lot of people, but hardly any close friendships. Token avoids it. His personal space is his own, and he allows no one else to dig too deep. He's only had aromantic relationships with others. He is very strong, and spends most his time working out.

He was abused by his father as a child, he has worked all his life to bury the memories, but it is a stain that cannot simply be rubbed out. To make matters worse, his father is still part of his life and continues to manage his career. Later, Token lost a section of his arm and fingers after a brawl with a local gang. His prosthetic mirrors the weight and length of his other arm while being safe (and fair) against other opponents. It mimics the anatomical shape of a closed fist and has the same impact as a human hand, while remaining durable during rounds of sparring.

The more time passes, the more Token struggles to mute his anger. He spends too much time inside his own head, thinking unhealthy and unproductive thoughts, wondering what his life would have been like if his father hadn't done what he did.