Rek Bell

Orion is a club kid, he likes to go out, see people and to get high. All he cares about in life is to socialize and to have fun. He has a tendency to go overboard with his consumption, but very few have the power to dissuade him when he wants to do something. Orion likes his fantasy world, but isn't blind to atrocities. He's thick-skinned, and will never allow himself to give into despair.

He's a good listener, and because he is attentive he gives amazing advice, but a lot of times this advice falls on deaf ears because very few take him seriously. Orion isn't the least bit deterred by this, knowing full well that sometimes there are things that people aren't just ready to process.

He works in a bar in Montore in evenings, and is seldom seen alone. When alone he becomes anxious, restless. He cares about all he meets, even strangers and will go out of his way to help them. Orion doesn't have an angry bone in his body, but he expects his friends to treat others fairly. He kids around a lot, but will not hesitate to become serious if the situation warrants it.

Orion is confident and wears whatever, caring little about the opinions of others.