Rekka Bellum

Shane 'Shock' Evans

Shane was raised in Sunnyshore city, born in a wealthy family. The Evans operate a solar plant as well as a gym in town. His parents, Volitia and Elivire, are collectors of electric pokemon. He has two older siblings, brother Olliber and sister Bektra, they all train together, and never fail to make fun of Shane because he angers so very easily.

Shane goes under the name 'Shock' when away from home, and when mixed into Matrix affairs. He has been a trainee for many years, after his family started to sponsor Matrix, and also because he had nothing better to do with his time.

Shane has never struggled in life, he's lived a very privileged existence. What he wants, he gets, and he expects this in others. He spends most of his time playing video games, first-person shooters, all while listening to happy hardcore with a bottle of pop in hand. He knows little of the real world, and is stuck in a state of perpetual childishness. Shane likes to fight. He enjoys the challenge, it's why he enjoys being in matrix, it's like being in an IRL game. He often fails to see the harm he inflicts on others.

He prefers to be called by his Matrix name, and will hate anyone who fails in this.

Pokemon team: Ladybird (Crobat), Mister Slim (Gastrodon), Captain Planet (Seedot), Lieutenant RayRay (Raichu), Kid Flash (Elekid) and Dr. Ohm (bronzor)


Shock appeared in PCBC Tournament in 2010. The full tournament comics are on my old DA page.

Shock's full intro comic: Page 1 [637.6 KB] | Page 2 [538.3 KB] | Page 3 [568.6 KB]