Rek Bell

I designed assets for Niju, a little application by hundredrabbits to review the Japanese hiragana and katakana alphabets, compatible with the uxn system. It has two study modes.

Play( Niju.

See a gif preview of Niju[131.6 kB].

As you progress through the game, you accumulate different types of leaves on the branch. When the branch is complete, you have mastered the alphabet!

It was first released on iOS years ago. It then became Alphavetist when we introduced more languages, like Hebrew, Cyrillic, Korean, Inuktitut, Greek and Morse.

Niju published in August 2021, it was a trial project to see if devine and & could design, write and assemble a project entirely within the Uxn computer. We also made it to practice using Nasu, our spritesheet editor.