Rek Bell


Context. After his accident, Hakazi(yegon) is incarcerated in Liskar. His injuries make it difficult for him to communicate, and he feels more alone than ever, but his stay there is made better when he meets a fellow inmate

Hand Speak. In this sequence, I used Hand Speak. It is a trade language, formerly trade pidgin, that was once the lingua franca across what is now central Canada, the central and western United States and northern Mexico. I was going to use asl(American Sign Language) in this comic, but after learning about Hand Speak I decided to use that instead.

I've added Hand Speak images(drawn by A. J. Stover) from a by William Tokins(published in 1926).

I will add sequences that precede and follow this one soon.

Warning. Some violence, blood.
[Status: finished]

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