Rek Bell

Keeda is a Denurith, living on Bahrit, one of Retna's moons.

The Denurith practice ascetism, they dedicate ther life to serving all other living beings, they believe in simplicity and regard gender, extravagance and religion as obstacles to mental clarity. Denurith are given a set of thruster shoes on leave, which they use to travel through space. Keeda sets off to Retna, in search of a cause.

The people of Retna struggle with money, it is a junk planet filled with refuse and old parts. Most habitants have never left the planet and use recycled objects to create something new to sell to off-planet visitors at the grand bazaar. Keeda hopes to help these people, to try and find ways for them to need 'less', to lessen their dependence on the economy and in turn their need for money.

Keeda is skilled, ze doesn't race for glory, but to disrupt and to inspire in hopes of opening interplanetary travel to everyone. Together with space panda, ze likes to teach younglings to build, and repair their own transport at the hackspaces on Retna.