Rek Bell

Padna is an Ursada. After Arkto was decommissioned, the Ursada emigrated on Retna.

Padna is a maverick, and doesn't need others to be happy, she likes parkour, to create her own paths in the world, and this is what led her to race through the Australs. Her family never had the money to board a ship to travel offplanet, and so Padna found her own way.

Her time in hackspaces on Retna, earned her the skills to build her solar disc. The disc retracts into a baton for easy carrying, and fans out into a translucent circle, with solar cells embedded in the material. One end of the baton is equipped with a thruster, enabling her to get some momentum, so she can reach the gravity of a near astronomical object to propel herself onward.