Rek Bell

2024-03-09 Knots

I added instructions on how to make small rope mats, the images are at the end of the post. I also shared instructions on how to make a good friction hitch. Yep, I've been getting back into knotting lately! I documented some of the knots that Dev & I use the most aboard pino on the 100r website.

I improved the look of the hakum page, adding small graphics and trying to space out the content better to make it more pleasant to read (I have a tendency to pack a lot of text in a single page *sweats*). I started a new comic sequence but progress is slow because Dev & I are preparing for a big sailing trip this summer. We hope to make it to Northern B.C., near the Alaskan border. I spend my days studying guide books and charts, trying to understand how the wind and current behaves. This coast is not easy to sail, but we want to get better acquainted with it, even if it means getting uncomfortable for a short while.