Rek Bell

Klo is a Homini, born on the Retna, now under the jurisdiction of the IFS "the interplanetary federation of Ships" (who have a monopoly on transportation). Her family is well-off, permitting her to have a ship of her own. She has taken part in the Belt Championships many times, but aches for the freedom and creativity to design her own transport. Her sibling Lef is an Enforcer in the IFS, they have little contact, in fact, she cares little to know what he's up to given the dark nature of his work.

She heard of Encela's ban from racing, curious, Klo makes a trip to The Leveret to learn more about cyclomedussas. Klo is privileged, in the sense that she can go wherever she likes, and uses this to help others who are less fortunate than herself. She is a jovial being, high-energy and always looking for something to do. Klo used to be oblivious to a lot of the bad happenings on Retna, now she does all she can to right this and inform herself.

Unable to tame a cyclomedussa, lacking the patience mostly, Klo tries and find her own DIY transport. Back on Retna, she finds a like-minded invidiual who helps her to build the tech for a cylinder that elongates in perpetuity, or "infinite straw" that she now uses to travel through space.