Rek Bell

While in Mexico in 2016, I started a sprite animation project to help fund the repair of the sails for my boat pino.

The sprites are in the style of oquonie, and all are requests by people on Twitter(back when I had an account) and Mastodon.

I still take sprite requests, but I no longer do animations. I make both digital and physical commissions. Hand-drawn commissions are drawn in ink on 300 gsm textured paper. Prices are CAD$50 for a single B&W character(plus extra if requesting complex added details, like a pet for example), and CAD$70 for a physical inked drawing(plus shipping, varies depending on where you live).

My Process

When asking for a commission, I'll need the following information:
How many characters, what you want them to be wearing, the desired position, a photo reference(if character is based on you) or a detailed description, a description/photos of accessories (if any)

Note that if you're not comfortable sending me photos of yourself, a good description is fine. If you send a photograph I can draw inspiration from the clothes you are wearing, you don't need to send me a description (unless you want specific clothes). I can improvise on most details if required (character position, for example).

I will give you the price for the request, then I will require up-front payment(I accept Paypal and Stripe payments). I will start by making a sketch, when completed I will send it to you for approval(changes are still possible at this point), if the sketch is approved I will do the final cleaned-up version. Upon completion, I'll send you the high resolution image.

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Latest sprite commissions

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