Rekka Bellum

Seir, Seere or Tuseere

This being leads a double life, because of an ability to appear as a different gender to different people. In one life, he is Seir(Cee-urr), founder of the Ars Goetia, an underground organization to defend the interest of Hegata people, and another she is Seere(Cee-Rae), CEO of Lesser Key Group, an alternative investment management company in Montore. To the few familiar with both Seir and Seere, they refer to them as one using the name Tuseere(Too-Cee-Rae). This ability to change is a secret to most, it is Tuseere's most powerful tool. Tuseere's main face is that of Seir.

Tuseere believe that in order to make the change hegatas want in the world that they have to change human minds, and this translates into getting involved with humans on their terms, to speak 'their' language. Seere plays by their rules, amassing enough money and power to buy eidola land to ensure their protection, and future governance. Seir on the other hand, doesn't hesitate to bribe officials, or to ask his subordinates to commit arson to human-owned property to pressure them off their land.

No one knows how Seere made her intial fortune to start Lesser Key, but rivals like the Solo Devs think that years ago she helped Montore human government officials convince her own band leaders, to allow the building of a hydroelectric plant, and that much of her fortune today stems from a share of the cash generated by said plant. Shortly after the plant was constructed, Seere began buying property en-masse.

Tuseere have worked hard to become infuential in Montore to change human law to benefit their people. They love to defy humans and to change the rules, they thrive on it, always looking for new ways to piss them off. They live in luxury, with multiple opulent houses scattered around town.

Many accuse Tuseere of being greedy, of losing sight of their goals for their people, blinded by riches and success. Little is known of their's past.