Rekka Bellum


Seir(Cee-urr) leads a double life. In one, he is Seir, the current leader of the Ars Goetia, an underground organization to defend the interest of Hegata people. In the other, he is Seere(Cee-ree), the largest shareholder of Lesser Key, a private equity firm that is one the largest single owner of real estate in Montore.

Seir believes that in order to make the change hegatas want in the world that they have to change human minds, and this translates into getting involved with humans on their terms, to speak 'their' language. Seir plays by their rules, amassing enough money and power to buy eidola land to ensure their protection, and future governance.

No one knows how Seir made his intial fortune, but rivals like the Solo Devs think that years ago he helped Montore human government officials convince their own band leaders to allow the building of a hydroelectric plant, and that much of his fortune today stems from a share of the cash generated by said plant. Shortly after the plant was constructed, Seir began buying property en-masse.

Seir has worked hard to become infuential in Montore to change human law to benefit his people. He loves to defy humans and to change the rules, he thrives on it, always looking for new ways to piss them off. He lives in luxury, with multiple opulent houses scattered around town.

Many accuse Seir of being greedy, of losing sight of his goals for his people, blinded by riches and success. Little is known of his past.