Rek Bell

Old old art featuring some of the circa characters. Many are characters I've had forever... they've changed a lot over the years. This art was made between the years 2004 and 2010. I liked the concept of Digimon, more than the show itself, and ended up making characters of my own based loosely in that universe. I was a part of the online FDD community then under the name Esse, see some art archived from that time.

The story was centered around Esse, Heramon, Dungamon, Sy, Nemerald, Bonnie, Brad, Dante, back then...

Dungamon's digivolutions:

Then Esse and a few other characters were phased out, and I focused on Orion, Token & Fantamon, Kim & Chelsea(my friend's characters), Vincent, Sy, Nemerald, etc...

In all, the story was very dramatic. The digital world had become a parallel universe, acting as a sort of limbo between the living world and the dead world. The 'digimon' of my characters became creatures living in "limbo", and their enemies were demons that had escaped the dead world. My characters had very human problems too, with authorities and each other.


I used to make short comics with these same characters, most are funny but there are a couple serious/dramatic ones.

Since there are many more drawings, I threw the rest here in a long list!