Rek Bell

What is internet in a box?

"The Internet in a Box" is an off-line information store that provides instant access to digital resources for those lacking adequate Internet connections. The goal is to provide internet service to schools, hospitals and universities in under served areas around the globe as well as engage librarians and educators to develop custom collections for their communities.

Internet in a box opens up entirely new opportunities for semi-connected schools and offline libraries worldwide, unleashing the best of Internet learning without costs or distractions.

It's possible to install an 'internet in the box' anywhere in the world — even under solar power, using very diverse hardware. Examples include: on a terabyte HD with a built-in hotspot or on a Raspberry Pi. You can buy one of several common versions, or better yet create the digital library needed by your school, your region and/or your very own family.[source]

What is a ZIM file?

The ZIM file format is an open file format that stores wiki content for offline usage. Its primary focus is the contents of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.

The format allows for the compression of articles, features a full-text search index and native category and image handling similar to MediaWiki, and the entire file is easily indexable and readable using a program like Kiwix – unlike native Wikipedia XML database dumps.[[source]

Kiwi X

Linux. Download .appimage file, then set executable permission and execute it.

chmod +x filename.appimage

You can then execute it like this:


Kiwix comes without content files. You need to download them from the app’s library or download from their repository.