Rek Bell

Numbers 1-10

Modern Standard Arabic has gendered words. Female words have the special word ending ة, which is called taa marbuuta. Male words are unmarked. Use different words to address a man or a woman.

How are you conversation

How are you?
M, Kayfa halika? كيف حالك؟
F, Kayfa halouki? كيف حالكِ؟

I am fine, thanks.
Ana bkhyr, shukran. انا بخير شكرا

And you?
M, Wa anta? وأَنتَ؟
F, Wa anti? وأَنتِ؟


I am happy.
M, Ana saeed أنا سعيد
F, Ana saeeda أنا سعيدة

I am tired.
M, Ana muttaeab أنا متعب
F, Ana muttaeiba أنا متعبة