Rek Bell

Mika and her brother caden were raised in Sunnyshore City. She is a kite surfer, and operates a kite shop that rents out equipment to the many visitors to the beach, and the Vista resort owned by the Canepas.

She spends all of her days outdoors, and loves to spend time on the ocean. If she's not kite-surfing, she teaches dinghy sailing to the local kids. Mika wants to pass down her love of ocean sports, and to teach the younger generations to respect the creatures that live in the water. She is kind-hearted, strong of head and body and will not let anyone keep her down.

Mika has a team of pokemon, she's often seen sailing with her Lucario "Keelo".

Pokemon: Boomer (typhlosion), Keelo (lucario) and Salari (froslass).