Rek Bell


Ilken is a whistled language in the world of wiktopher, used by Verido Voices to communicate with the Ilks. The language is a modern variation of Solresol, an artificial language invented by Jean-François Sudre.

Solresol is based on the seven syllables of music(do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si).

It is necessary to leave a brief pause between words so that each word remains clearly separate.


Songs featured in Wiktopher


Saffa is a poem that Lupen improvises for Eka, shortly after they've met.

Sawa's Breath

A song played by Klev on a donmol during a going away party for Eka and Lupen. The song is a famous sandfinner's ballad, about the wind(sawa).


A song sung by Uno, Eka, and Lupen for a dear friend.

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