Rek Bell

On March 20th 2022, devine and I gave a keynote talk named Software Doldrums for Libre Planet 2022. See the video.

The drawings were drawn by hand, in ink, photographed, lightly processed in GIMP and included in Adelie, our slideshow program.

We talked about living on the water, often away from civilization, internet connection and distribution routes, how we could not bring our digital creations to life without the capability to repair devices and fix software ourselves, and how this led us to making our own software.

a photo of inked drawings in a sketchbook

I drew a series of illustrations for our slide show presentation:

21.2kb, a turnipsailboat laying on a lonely beach 25.7kb, a small regatta of vegetable-shaped sailboats on the ocean 22.3kb, a happy uxn sitting in a field of interconnected vegetables 18.5kb, a small sailboat caught in a maelstrom, the swirling mass of water has an open gaping mouth in its centre 18.9kb, varvara and gyo enjoying some plumpkin music together 21.8kb, an exploded version of the uxn computer

Other images: