Rekka Bellum

Ferris Doyle

To an untrained eye Ferris would look rather ‘average’ mainly because he doesn't stand out, but there is one thing that makes him different from most teenagers; he is blind.

Ferris was born in Saffron city but was raised in Fuchsia city, the city known for the first Safari Zone. Because the city was always full of Pokémon, Ferris learned about these creatures at a very young age. Since Pokémon were always around him he never thought of them as interesting monsters, he thought they were normal. Pokémon generally bored Ferris until he reached the age of 10, where he found out that you could explore the world just by saying you were a trainer. Infatuated with the idea of hitchhiking wherever he wanted, Ferris finally decided to get his own Pokémon. He wandered deep into the safari zone and saw several different types of Pokémon, but wasn’t happy with any of them. It wasn’t until he illegally snuck into the zone after dark when he found the Pokémon he wanted, Scyther. After a long struggle Ferris finally caught the bug Pokémon and started his adventure.

In the beginning of his adventure Ferris thought that it would only be him and Scyther the whole time, but it didn’t take long for him to yearn for more Pokémon. As he filled his pokédex the condition of his Pokémon worsened. He started treating them more like tools than actually living creatures, and his sour attitude towards his Pokémon changed many of them. His Golduck Mosa, which he had gotten from his father, had changed from a loyal loving Pokémon to a stubborn grump who had a hard time trusting strangers. As he traveled around, Ferris was known for his harsh training and stern attitude and it wasn’t long until people started avoiding him.

Alone, he continued on to Hoenn. Up until now he caught Pokémon just to collect them, but when he encountered Eevee he finally realized that these creatures were important and had to be treated fairly. He named the Eevee, Deidra, after his mother and vowed to take good care of any other Pokémon he caught.

Pokemon Team: Blaine (scyther), Mosa (golduck), Deidra (espeon), Hyde (muk), Cael (steelix) and Abaddon (dusknoir).