Rekka Bellum

22.06.22. The video I worked on about image optimization for the Photographer's Gallery (as part of their Green Hacks video series) is out! Watch it here. I am currently anchored in Melanie Cove in Desolation Sound. It is quiet here, and we have *some* internet (it is shit though). I have been drawing a lot by hand, more than I have in recent years. I think I needed to have this little trip up north. Having shit internet and little power to use a computer means that I turn to drawing more. It feels great. I've started a short series of drawings for a project about a rabbit and character sailing on a Turnip-shaped boat (see FSF talk). I came up with the idea when working on the FSF talk, and I want to keep making more! Devine is helping me review Wiktopher at the moment, I've read it so often that my eyes are completely blind to mistakes (ugh).

22.05.16. I worked on a little video on image optimization for the Photographer's Gallery as part of their Green Hacks video series, the video isn't out yet but I'd encourage you to watch the ones that were already published (they're very good and informative, especially the one on how to install open source software on a camera). Pino and crew have left Victoria Harbor (May 10th) and we are now at anchor, slowly making our way north. Because we have less power I've switched to using Obi, my low-power workstation. I'm also finishing up corrections for Wiktopher.

22.04.15. Finished a commission of a lovely pufferfish, see it in its natural habitat. I am still editing Wiktopher, the text is 300 pages and making sure there are no mistakes takes time. I hope to release it before summer.

22.04.03. The video for the FSF talk is out, watch it here. I was so eager(nervous, rly...) to start talking that I started talking before I was supposed to! Anyway, hope you enjoy it. I drew Varvara on a Sinclair bicycle for Devine. Otherwise, been working on a few commissions, which I will share here soon (they are not yet finished). See past updates.

22.03.22. On March 20th 2022, Devine and I gave a keynote talk for Libre Planet 2022. I drew some illustrations for the slide show presentation. I think the talk was recorded, I'll include the link in the project page description when it comes out. I also put together a set of Uxn stickers, I am super pleased with how they turned out.

22.02.20. I got my first-aid certification! I've always wanted to have that. As for projects, I've been working on the print copy of Wiktopher, mainly. I am getting better at working with pandoc and LaTeX and I am really pleased with the look of the book so far! I asked for Devine's help to make up a game for the Iridi people, my rough idea was a mix between Domino and Go, and Dev came up with Hako. Dev made sonobe origami boxes and we played it together on the boat! Now we have a new game we can play aboard Pino, and to enrich the world of Wiktopher.

22.03.03. Made a new illustration of Uxn and Varvara together. Rostiger(Mastodon) drew some amazing art of Uxn, and I realized then that I had not drawn a sideview of the character yet, so I did!.

22.01.27. Uxn is turning a year old tomorrow! SO I made a little illustration to celebrate this. I finally finished adding ALL 137 drawings to the page of my 2012 Hitobito project, the files were previously hosted on Tumblr. We have released 3 new languages for Thousand Rooms: Serbian, Hungarian and Polish. All books are now available as both PDFs and ePUBS. We also re-built the whole project, it was previously written in Ruby and was converted to ANSI C.

22.01.23. Devine & I submitted Yufo to the Virtual Pet Jam. Yufo likes rock, paper, scissors, and ramen. It's a simple game that you're meant to keep on in the background as you do other tasks. Yufo has a short lifespan, and depending what you give/withhold, and how often, their appearance changes as they age..

22.01.29. I've completed transcribing the Polish, Hungarian and Serbian translations for Thousand Rooms. I'll add them to out page soon. I also finished a little walrus pixel logo for the website Le Morse, made in Nasu.

22.01.15. I've been working on Thousand Rooms this month, adding some new languages like Polish, Hungarian and Serbian. I've also been making text corrections to Wiktopher. Added project page for Catpot (older project I still didn't have a page for).