Rekka Bellum

Gabrielle Bruyère

Bru is a tinkerer. She loves taking things apart to try and understand how they work. She's everyone's go-to person for an engine, or leaky roof. Her room is full of boxes with random bits and pieces whose purpose is not directly evident, but she always finds a use for everything. Bru can fix anything, but she hates electronics. She loves hand tools, especially for woodworking (she always carries a blade for carving). She's also deepy fascinated with mushrooms, and goes out for nature walks often to forage for them.

She shares an appartment with Orion in downtown Montore. She sometimes helps out at the bar where he works.

Bru is very hard-headed, and hyper-focused person. She has difficulty breaking away from a task, disappearing from social circles for days until said task is finished. She speaks mostly French, and often forgets to address people in English.