Rek Bell

What is Merure?

Merure was a comic anthology published by MachineMachine(no longer operating) and sold by drownspire. MachineMachine was a non-profit collective created by myself, devine, Vincent Desbiens, and Michael Verhaaf. As MachineMachine, we published 3 full-color volumes from 2008 to 2010, with short comics by 10-15 artists from Montreal. The comics below are the ones I made that were included in the first two volumes. The physical volumes are now out of print.

All The Lights

Published in Merure vol. I, it's the story of a girl who lives outside of time.

Page One[469.1 KB] | Page Two[546 KB] | Page Three[541 KB] | Study[491.2 KB]

The Right Color

Published in Merure vol. II, a child who can change her eye color by interacting with objects.

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