Rekka Bellum

A selection of personal and contract work. Also, see some sketches.

An illustration of a pufferfish An illustratin of a computer in front of a tree, with the roots growing through its keyboard Walrus logo design for, made in Nasu Infant form of Orcabit and Nasubit for the hundredrabbbits projects Gyo and Uxn, two mascots, HundredRabbits project Demon logo commission, Mischief Maker for Twitch Mindbird illustration, personal works Digital portrait commission, for Simon A derpy pigeon avatar commission Fantasy creature Vennec from Wiktopher, personal works Markl character, Hundredrabbits game project Busy Water asset design, for Edoki Acamedy Oquonie game promo art illustration, Hundredrabbits project Oquonie game character design, Hundredrabbits project Oquonie promo art, Hundredrabbits project A children's book called Thousandrooms, Hundredrabbits project Children's book cover Mirmaelle, Bayard Canada