Rekka Bellum

I am Rekka Bellum, an illustrator from Montreal, living on a small sailboat. I do art for games, childrens books and boardgames

Rekka Bellum

My first game, Oquonie was nominated for an IGF award in 2015 for visual excellence.

I am co-creator of the traveling studio Hundred Rabbits, and manage a creative cooking blog called GrimGrains.

My past work experience include working in studio for Pascal Blais animation, Tele Quebec and TonePlus animation studios. I have done contract work for Edoki Academy, Volta Creations and Scorpion Masque; and have published children's books with Editions Druide, Bayard Canada, Erpi and Editions du Boreal.

Email me at rekkabell @ gmail dot com for art-related inquiries. You can also download my resume for a complete list of publications.

Select an image, to find out more about each game.

Select an image, to find out more about each project.


You can purchase prints on Etsy, Inprnt or Society6.

Otherwise, you can Buy me a coffee or make a monthly pledge on Patreon to my studio Hundredrabbits.

Thank you!

- Rekka Bell

Thousand Rooms is a visual novel collaboration with Devine Lu Linvega, following the behaviours of four characters and a room.

Thousand rooms

We have written this book with the hopes of creating a sort of Borges for children, in which the reader follows a bat, a cat, an owl and a fox who try and make sense of this simple system. The book also encourages to try and understand the rules, and plan unsuggested avenues.

The book is available in 13 languages: English, Lietal, French, Japanese, Russian, German, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese.

I have been for a long time at your side.

Incredible death

Project done in 2016 as part of Screensaver jam

Download the screensaver.

Friday the 13th card game for 3 to 6 players, ages 8 and up.

Friday the 13th

Push your bad luck away! Bad omens are all around you! Play your cards right to avoid bad luck. Or, risk gathering as much bad luck as possible, to pass the curse on to your adversaries and ruin their hands!

Visit Scorpion Masque for more information about the game.

Bulle, Tartine, Momo and other characters of the Mon ami Bulle app, travel and make discoveries in unique universes.

Mon ami bulle

Contract work for IOS app Mon ami Bulle by Tele Quebec.

I worked on many assets for the animated sequences, and did the artwork for 3 of the main narrated stories of the game.

Visit the Tele-quebec website for more information.

This game is published by Hundredrabbits. Visit the Oquonie microsite for more information about the game.


Oquonie is a textless puzzle game for PC, Linux, Mac, iPad, Iphone and Apple TV created in collaboration with designer Devine Lu Linvega where you must find your way across an intertwined megastructure. You will not be alone, your incarnations will have the help of bizaroid characters speaking an obscure language.

Help Malisse along, make sure the path stays clear so that everyone, including the rabbit buddies, may pass unscathed!


Malisse is a two-player cooperative game played with two controllers, or single-player with a single controller. You could also play it two players on the same controller!

Available for Windows and Mac. It was produced during ToJam 9 by Les Collegiennes.

Play Malisse here.

Grim grains

Grim Grains is my illustrated food blog, it features plant-based recipes with a strong attention to colour and form. The blog features many recipes made with bamboo charcoal powder, an ingredient that makes food black.

The blog had recipes published on Foodgawder, My green planet, Finding Vegan and Tastespotting.


Visit GrimGrains for some strange, but delicious recipes.


The world through the eyes of a socially anxious skeleton named C. Cerbellum is a project that sheds light on the thoughts and fears of people with anxiety.

This is a project that I would like to expand into a book, or comic series.

I'm still very undecided. More updates soon.


While in Mexico, I started a sprite animation project to help fund the repair of the sails for our boat Pino.

The sprites are in the style of Oquonie, and all were requests by people on twitter.

I still take sprite requests, if you want your own send me a tweet @rekkabell or send me an email at rekkabell at gmail dot com.

6X6inch (152x152mm) ink drawings on watercolour paper. Completed in 2015.

Ginger root series

Every ginger is unique.

My love of the shape and taste of this rhizome has inspired this drawing series. I am happy to say that all of these drawings have found good homes.

Digital sketches drawn while traveling in Japan, Thailand, USA, Canada and Mexico.


人々 (hitobito), or "everyone". Named thusly since the project started while I lived in Tokyo.

Drawings of people I see on the street, drawn on a daily basis.

View the whole series on my Hitobito tumblr.

148x210mm (6x8inches) ink drawings on watercolour paper. Completed in 2018

Nautical knot series

Every knot has a purpose, drawings these has helped me to memorize them. Knowing how to tie a good knot, could save your life.

Some of these are still available for sale: The monkey fist (picture on the left), the constrictor knot (number 1), the overhand knot (number 2). They are 40$ each, plus an extra 5$ for shipping. Contact me at rekkabell at gmail dot com to buy the drawings.

You can also buy prints of these drawings on Inprnt and Society6

148x210mm (6x8inches) ink drawings on watercolour paper. Completed in 2017.

Fungi series

Mushrooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes; attracted by their other-wordliness, I have started a fungi illustration series.

All of the originals of this series found good homes. If you would still like a mushroom, you can request one for 40$ plus 5$ for shipping at rekkabell at gmail dot com.

You can also buy prints of all of these drawings on Inprnt and Society6

"Wiktopher begins with a fall, living on the back of a giant desert creature can be dangerous like that. Lupin has never left home, and wouldnt have if it hadnt been for that accident. Being alone in a new place is scary, but not if you have Eka with you to light the way. Together, they learn the innumerable ways of the world. They traverse deserts and villages, meeting their inhabitants and discovering their customs."

What is Wiktopher

Wiktopher is a fiction story published online, (of ~60,000 words) taking place in a fantasy world. The novel will have a number of added content that will permit the reader to learn more of the world and of its people.

I hope to make an audiobook version, and maybe a print version if there is enough interest.



"Happiness? There is no such thing. All you can do is live."

What is Circa

Circa is a work-in-progress, changes and chapters will be published regularly. Is it the story of many, focused on the contradictory lives of Sy and Token.

So it is here now, for you to read. Know that it can still change. Enjoy.


Markl is a game currently in development - by myself and Devine - in which players must program their characters fighting style, to face various opponents in a battle happening too fast for humans to compete.

This game currently has no release date, and will be published by Hundredrabbits for PC, Mac, Linux and iOS.

Visit the Markl microsite for more information about the project.

Currently, the drawings are 6x8in (148x210mm), although depending on the paper available to me the size may vary. They are drawn on 300 gsm watercolour paper, and sold for 40$ (with an extra 5$ for shipping).

Original art

Once in a while, I illustrate and sell original ink drawings. The subjects vary, but often include plants. Below is a list of my current series:

Make a request

Email me at rekkabell at gmail dot com to request an original custom drawing.

Also, if you don't mind a reproduction, these drawings are sold as print copies on Inprnt and Society6.

You can also purchase other products like canvas prints and throw pillows in these stores.